Relaxing, entertaining or simply chilling after a long day, a Conservatory can be the perfect place to escape to providing an extra dimension to your home.

Why not bring your ideas to us, let us add our experience to those and together we can create the Conservatory of your dreams and all at Factory Direct Price.


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We specialise in the design and installation of Bungalow Conservatories. Our experienced construction team will ensure your new build goes smoothly and we take a pride in the quality of our finishing, including all electrics, plastering and flooring.

Lean-to Conservatories

Lean-to conservatories have a simple design and, with at least one wall already built, they save time and labour, saving you money. With heating, electricity and water readily available from your house, installation and maintenance costs are lower.


An Edwardian-style conservatory with its classic look and clean lines adds extra light and a touch of grandeur to your home. This visually-strong, high-quality extension to your home is ideal for use as a dining room, play room or general living space.


The beauty of a Victorian-style design is that your conservatory has the flexibility to fit whatever space is available. Most popular designs are three and five-faceted buildings which perfectly complement the architecture of your home.


A hob and sink facing out into the garden is the layout which most customers prefer and where possible we ensure this can be achieved. Under-floor heating can dispense with the need for a radiator, creating more space, and we always allow for side and roof ventilation to cope with heat from cooking.