Skypod is a revolutionary ceiling window system that will to brighten up your home and open up your space.

When it comes to design, Skypod is a breath of fresh air. Without any crestings or finials on the roof, you get clean lines and lots of natural light.

It also increases the height of your room too. There’s plenty of ways you can customise your ceiling windows to fit the look and feel you want for your home.


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Maintenance-Free, no rot, no blistering or cracking

Far more cost-effective than traditional roofing, longer-lasting and maintenance free – our EPDM flat roofs are the perfect solution.

With a proven life expectancy of 50 years, your roof will not rot or blister and crack. It is resistant to the sun’s harmful UV rays and 100% watertight.

EPDM - ethylene propylene diene monomer - is a synthetic rubber, with outstanding weatherproof properties, developed around 20 years ago.

Many of our customers are now choosing EPDM roofs fitted with energy-efficient Skypod roof lanterns.

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Lightweight fibreglass Skypods fit easily into your rubber roof, transforming your room with natural daylight and an attractive roof window.
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • Ultra-Violet Rays Resistant
  • 50-year life expectancy
  • Easy to add stunning Skypo

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